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University of Utah College of Engineering COMBINED MS / MBA PROGRAM
University of Utah College of Engineering


Salt Lake City, USA

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Sep 2024

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Program Motivation

The Combined MS/MBA Program is a new addition to the ECE curriculum that combines the applied coursework and research training of a traditional Engineering MS Program with the comprehensive business training gained through an MBA program.

Engineers are trained to create and improve products, processes, and systems. However, the eventual relevance of their research is frequently determined by the market performance and social impact of the products on which they work. Meanwhile, business managers and marketing professionals may have the skills necessary to carry a product to market, but they lack the specific technical knowledge necessary to understand how the product works or how an invention might best be put to a practical use.

MS/MBA graduates will be, with appropriate experience, qualified to direct or manage the transition of new products, processes, and systems from the laboratory to the boardroom.

The MS/MBA program will specifically develop professionals skilled at effectively:

Identifying technology-driven solutions;

Evaluating those solutions as potentially new products or processes;

Facilitating the rapid instantiation, commercialization, and use of the new knowledge in the most appropriate manner; and

Using awareness of the market to direct new research developments and goals

Time Commitment and Payoff

Because there is intellectual benefit from studying engineering and business administration in a coordinated program, a student enrolled in the joint degree program earns both degrees in 21-24 months of full-time study. In general, students take 21 credit hours in the College of Engineering, 47 hours in the College of Business, and a 6-hour capstone project course taught across the Colleges.

Up to 9 credit hours appear on the program of study for both degrees, and reducing the overlap eliminates up to 18 credit hours required of students were they to complete the two programs separately. The net is a two-year MBA and a one-year MS combined into two years – a considerable time and cost advantage to students.

More importantly, participating in the academic and research lives of two outstanding colleges throughout their program gives MS/MBA students a significant advantage to contributing to the research, development, and commercialization process both within the University and beyond.

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