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Yokohama College Of Commerce

Yokohama College Of Commerce

Yokohama College Of Commerce


Our educational foundation is based on nurturing human beings who sincerely make relentless efforts in academics and research and devote themselves to their formation and growth as human beings.

The founding spirit when the university was first established in 1966—growing into trustworthy human beings—has been passed down till today, where we recently celebrated our 50th anniversary.

Our university endeavors to nurture human resources who acquire “sophisticated expertise” and the “spirit to contribute to society” through practical learning. This is intended to complete commerce education and nurture human resources with a “sense of mission” and “responsibility” who can fulfill delegated responsibilities.

We set our Diploma Policy (graduation certification and degree conferment policy), Curriculum Policy (curriculum formation and implementation policy) and Admission Policy (enrollment policy)


  • Yokohama

    Yokohama, Japan


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