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MA Programs in Administration Studies

A master’s degree is more flexible than a doctorate degree in a number of ways. The programs cover a broad range of academic and professional topics. One of the most popular, the MA, or Master of Arts, is available after completion one or two years of academic studies.

What is an MA in Administration Studies? There are a number of different directions in which this program can travel. For example, it may lead to a study of international business administration, school administration or legal administration. The world of business administration is growing rapidly and needs leaders who are well-versed in administrative procedures, business environments, organizational behavior and human resource management.

The skills learned in an administration program can take graduates to many challenging and exciting positions found in many places of the world. These skills and the knowledge gained through their academic efforts prepare graduates to hold leadership positions of influence and with comfortable salaries.

The costs of participating in this program can be very different from one school to another. This is especially true because schools are located in many countries of the world. For more information about tuition, book fees and related expenses, contact the separate schools individually.

There is a wide field open to those who graduate with an MA in an administration degree. Some of these positions include bankers, benefits administrators, budget analysts, chief officers, financial career managers, human resource managers and demand forecast managers. Depending upon the specific focus that the graduate took while in school, he or she may obtain an administrative position in a school, at a bank, in the healthcare industry, or find work with a media organization, legal group or political or government office.

If these job opportunities seem promising to you, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.