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MA Programs in Marketing Studies Marketing

For students seeking to advance their careers through education, working toward a Master of Arts (MA) is a commendable choice. Across the world, universities offer their MA programs in a variety of fields.

What is an MA in Marketing? This degree often builds on a business, management or even psychology background. Students studying marketing will build on their background knowledge to learn how businesses and products drive themselves forward in the modern world. As marketing studies progress, they branch off into specialized fields such as social media, product management and public relations. Often, focus will be on communication with a customer or client while taking into account a business mindset. As the world’s economy becomes increasingly globalized, marketing plays a growing role in communicating value to worldwide customers.

By studying for an MA in Marketing, students learn how to best address the wants and needs of others, a skill that serves them well in their relationships with others. Students also focus on cross-cultural issues and international exports, fields that expand their cultural worldview and can lead to travel for those in international studies.

Since the time taken to earn a master's degree in marketing often varies, depending on the student’s schedule, the cost will be based on the time spent on the program and the school chosen. Students should check the cost of the marketing program they seek to find out more.

Marketing is a broad field of study, and the careers stemming from an MA in Marketing are equally diverse. Graduates may find themselves crossing borders in international business as product managers or account executives. Locally, graduates of marketing often find themselves in high demand in careers such as sales representatives, public relations specialists, sales managers, human resources specialists, business intelligence analysts and operations managers. Due to the increase in global marketing, these careers are expected to continue to grow.

Earning a master's degree in marketing can launch a student’s career into new opportunities. Universities around the world offer this program to prospective students. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.