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210 Master Programs in Life Sciences Agricultural Science 2024



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Master Programs in Life Sciences Agricultural Science

Agricultural Science is a broad field of science that focuses on economic and social science in correspondence to the understanding of agriculture. It is a very regional science and is directly linked to local areas. With a Master in Agricultural Science, students take the first step toward a rewarding career.

Agricultural science can be linked to many other scientific disciplines, such as Biological Engineering, Environmental Science and Animal Science. If you are interested in improving the nation's crop, improving sustainability, and use and exploitation of resources, then these issues and more are examined with a Master in Agricultural Science. Students pursuing a Master in Agricultural Science will also learn about the important and fairly new field of biotechnology.

Many universities around the world offer Master in Agricultural Science programs. Below you will find Master in Agricultural Science degrees that focus on Agroecology, Forestry, Nature Management and many more! So flip through the list and see if these are of interest to you and relevant for your desired career!