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12 Master Programs in Applied Sport Physiology 2024


The Master in Applied Sport Psychology arms graduates with the ability to apply theoretical knowledge they have learned during their undergraduate and use it to positively affect the lives of individuals. Graduates will not only find opportunity in applying their expertise in medical situations; this program is also geared towards aspiring sport and fitness coaches who would like to have a more profound understanding of human kinetics concepts and innovations.

Subjects typically taught under the Master in Applied Sport Physiology program include research methodologies with respect to sports, health and performance profiling, exercise metabolism, environmental stress, physics and physiological profiling. Students of the Master in Applied Sport Psychology program will also tackle sport nutrition, cardiovascular psychology, exercise prescription, exercise endocrinology and physiology of neuromuscular mechanisms. Before graduating, the student must have been able to conduct clinical studies, create patient-specific exercise regimens and diet plans, and be able to prescribe appropriate physical activities to individuals who need them.

The need for Masters in Applied Sport Psychology cannot be stressed more in this world where people are spending less and less time outdoors. The current situation is dire; children would rather play video games than actual sports, and adults often find themselves confined into the restrictive spaces of their office cubicles with barely no energy at the end of the day the stretch their muscles. Graduates can help reverse this destructive tide by participating in research oriented to more practical and more efficient applications of sports science concepts, and by acting as professional coaches, directly imparting human kinetics principles to the population.

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