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Master Programs in Law Studies Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is an encompassing term that refers to both the set of laws defining and prosecuting crimes and the legal institutions which are concerned with maintaining social order, crime prevention, prosecution and the delivery of justice. Students studying a Master in Criminal Justice will not only have to familiarize themselves with criminal law but also the inner workings of the entire justice system.

Criminal justice has long played a critical part in how societies function. History shows us that community actions against crime and mutual protection has been present in the earliest of civilizations. The Code of Hammurabi, written on slabs of rock in around 1772 BCE, is perhaps the most notable and most preserved historical specimen. It was remarkable for the extent of issues it covered, including household relationships, contracts and civil dispute; it was known for its central tenet of remuneration, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

Needless to say, legal systems of the world have become increasingly more complex and so are methods of dispensing justice. As graduates of a Master in Criminal Justice program, these lawyers are not only able to provide sound legal counsel to plaintiffs and appellants alike; they are also capable consultants to lawmakers and law enforcement organizations. Graduates with a Master in Criminal Justice can also be involved in policy research or administration of correctional and rehabilitative facilities. Masters in Criminal Justice are presented with a lot of employment opportunities in the public and private sectors alike.