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164 Master Programs in Development Studies 2023


A masters degree in development studies is offered in most universities across the globe. The masters program has been identified as one of the most marketable masters programs in various regions of the world with lots of job opportunities for graduates with academic qualification in the field.

Development studies is a university program that is classified under the social sciences. For most universities, the program also encompasses units that cover international relations. The institutions also arrange for their students to obtain internships abroad for the best hands on experiences to help them set their career paths. Depending on the intellectual interests and career goals of the student, the units to be covered may differ; offering units that suit students with an international development agenda and a local one as well.

Economics program is usually offered to partner up the development studies program because they share lots of similarities. The masters degree in development studies focuses on three key areas affecting mankind; social, economic and political sectors. Different development policies that have had impacts and helped shape the community both locally and internationally often form the point of scrutiny for the student enrolled for this university program. Enrolling for this masters program enables a student to develop a critical awareness of their society.



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