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Master Programs in Energy Studies Energy

A master's program is most often a continuation of bachelor's studies. The degrees obtained through these programs tend to take anywhere from two to four years to obtain.

What is a Master in Energy Studies? This is most often an interdisciplinary program drawing coursework from the business, public policy, earth sciences and ecology departments of a university. The aim of many energy studies programs is to equip graduates with a level of understanding necessary to make and inform executive decisions about the use of energy resources. Common courses include studies of climate change, energy financial markets, energy transportation and environmental science topics.

One of the benefits of taking a master's degree is often the increased credibility such a document affords during a job search process. The qualities this degree represents to employers, such as commitment and mental focus, may also be useful in all aspects of a graduate’s life.

Part of the research process into degree options must include an investigation of cost. Each program is different, so make sure to check with the relevant institutional body before applying.

A Master in Energy Studies is often a necessary step for those who wish to pursue a career in developing energy policies. An example of a professional position in this discipline is energy policy analyst. These individuals might work directly for governments or private companies, or they might find a position at an independent consultation or analysis firm. Such a position would likely require in-depth research and data analysis, along with the ability to effectively communicate summary materials to executives and advisory boards. Graduates of an energy studies master’s program may quality for upper-level positions requiring experts in the field.

Energy studies programs vary in their focus, so pay attention to the details of the course structure. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.