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120 Master Programs in Environmental Study 2024


Master’s degrees are preferable in many fields of study and often open up a wider range of opportunities for people who earn them. Having successfully completed an undergraduate program is a prerequisite of attending postgraduate school.

What is a Master in Environmental Study? This degree furthers the education of students who have already earned a bachelor's degree in environmental study or a similar field. The specialized program can provide students with a wide range of courses that span several different disciplines. Typical coursework focuses on environmental issues the Earth faces as well as public policy, research techniques and rural development. Other courses provide information on humanities, engineering, business and humanities, among other topics.

Individuals who take courses to obtain a degree in environmental studies are likely to see many benefits. In addition to the possibility of gaining promotions faster than peers, they may learn problem-solving skills and how to develop arguments about scientific, philosophical and ethical perspectives. Other common skills include planning and information technology.

There is no set cost for earning a degree in environmental study. Some institutions charge more than others, and the price varies depending on the country as well. Students who enter a three-year program can expect to pay more than those who enter a one-year program.

Many students who graduate with a master's degree in environmental study may go on to become an environmental consultant or environmental scientist. Some may decide to work as environmental engineers or public relations specialists. Others might consider going into education or becoming a licensed environmental lawyer. One lesser-known career choice for some students is a sustainability specialist, who find ways for organizations and corporations to go green.

Individuals wishing to obtain a master’s degree in environmental study may choose to do so via the internet or at physical colleges around the world. Online learning is an excellent choice for those who cannot commute to their desired school. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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