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51 Master Programs in Finance and Banking 2024


Qualified experts in Finance and Banking can provide valuable insights into how individuals, groups and organizations invest their assets over time. Master in Finance and Banking graduates can analyze market behavior on a micro- or macro-scale, finding their expertise needed in a wide variety of organization types, from international corporations to small businesses, from public offices to academic or research posts. Key courses in a Master of Finance and Banking program will illuminate the economic functions of banks, the global banking industry, wealth channels, standard activities of banks, regulations and risk management.

Master in Finance and Banking students can often choose to specialize in a certain area of their field, related to their career aspirations. For example, some students may choose to aim for a Master of Science in International Money, Finance and Investment, while others may pursue a MSc in Banking and Risk. Depending on the school and study mode (there are full time, part time, online or distance learning schedules available), a Master of Finance and Banking may take approximately one to two years to complete.

For applicants with a Bachelor's degree, who are ready to take their qualifications and expertise to the next level, a Master in Finance and Banking is a great choice. Simply scroll down and read more, today!

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