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27 Master Programs in Food and Beverage Management 2024



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    Master Programs in Food and Beverage Management

    The master’s degree is intended to be earned after completing an undergraduate program. By enrolling, you can continue your education and prepare to begin a successful career. Master’s degree programs provide students with a more in-depth understanding of their field and a mastery over their skills.

    What is a Master in Food and Beverage Management? By studying food and beverage management, students are preparing for a career in restaurant management and operation. Courses involve business essentials, such as accounting, budgeting, resource and time management, and marketing. In food and beverage management specifically, there is a greater focus placed on communication with customers and the specific challenges that come with running an eatery. Less commonly, students in this field can study health, safety, and sanitation.

    Students who earn a master’s degree will be able to enter more advanced positions and earn a higher salary than otherwise possible. Students are also uniquely prepared to become entrepreneurs and manage or operate their own restaurants.

    The tuition and fees for enrolling in a master’s degree program in food and beverage management varies with the school and program you chose. The country and length of study will also influence cost. Before you choose a program, be sure to research all your options thoroughly.

    The most common career that food and beverage management graduates can pursue is in restaurant management and administration. These positions include operator, shift manager, marketing director, customer service manager, and human resource manager. While it is less common, it is also possible to enter careers in sanitation or safety, such as health inspector or sanitation consultation. If you choose this focus, you can also work in policy creation.

    If you are interested in operating a restaurant or catering business, enroll in a food and beverage management program. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.