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Master Programs in Germany

Located in the heart of Europe, Germany is an increasingly popular educational destination for students searching for a Masters degree program. With its rich history, diverse architecture ranging from medieval castles to modern metropolitan buildings, peaceful countryside and welcoming people, Germany has something for everyone. Germany is also the center for the inner financial workings of the EU, and home to excellent educational institutions, art, culture, and a vast network of professionals, making a Master degree Germany an excellent choice.

There are over 300 educational institutions in Germany, and the country is known as a worldwide leader in science, technology, and research. Whether you are seeking a Master of Arts, Master of Science, or a different sort of Masters degree, at least one of these educational institutions will likely meet your requirements. Many courses are taught in English, in order to meet the needs of foreign students.

A Masters degree is the second level of degree that can be obtained at a German university, after a Bachelors degree. It allows students to gain in-depth knowledge of a subject in an advanced course of study that lasts between two and four semesters. It also affords students the opportunity to develop valuable relationships and sometimes obtain hands-on experience via internships and research. Once a student obtains a Masters degree, he or she can enter the job market or aim for a higher academic degree: the doctoral degree.

Universities in Germany are renowned for offering top-notch Master and Bachelor programs at a relatively cheaper cost than their counterparts in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia. Although tuition and fees vary among Masters degree programs, scholarships, fellowships and grants are available for qualifying students.

Once a student finishes a degree program, career opportunities are plentiful in Germany. Many educational institutions offer students the chance to do internships in their chosen field. German companies such as BMW, Bosch, Daimler, and Siemens offer a wealth of opportunities to students interested in finance, marketing, engineering and many more areas. The close proximity of London, Paris, and Rome also expand the pool of job prospects for recent graduates. Even if a student chooses to return to his or her home country after completing the studies, the prestige of a German degree will give a distinct advantage in today's competitive job market.

If you are an international student, there is a fair amount of preparation to be done when planning to study in Germany. One must apply for a student visa a few months in advance, find accommodations, pack belongings, and arrange for transportation. However, the first step of this exciting journey is to locate the university that is right for you. To find out more about Master programs in Germany, simply browse through the options below, or use our search box to narrow down your results. You can easily contact universities directly in order to obtain all the necessary information.