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14 Master Programs in Tourism and Hospitality Hotel Management International Hotel Management 2024



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Master Programs in Tourism and Hospitality Hotel Management International Hotel Management

A master’s degree is a postgraduate degree that usually takes one to two years to complete. It often builds on information learned in a bachelor’s degree program or, in some cases, from work experience. Graduate programs also focusing on a specific field of study.

What is a Master in International Hotel Management? This program is designed to prepare graduates to enter the fast-growing field of hotel management, giving an in-depth understanding of the international tourism industry as well as the specific knowledge and skills needed to operate a hotel or a similar form of tourist accommodation. There is often a strong focus on managerial competencies such as leadership, organizational skills and problem-solving techniques. Coursework also often includes operational procedures for hotels, revenue management, risk management and even basic marketing courses.

Graduates of a master’s degree program with a focus on international hotel management often learn highly transferable skills like project management and team leadership that help prepare them for a number of careers in the hotel industry or beyond. The combination of general management skills and industry-specific knowledge is intended to leave them well-positioned in the highly competitive marketplace.

There is no set price for a Master in International Hotel Management. The cost varies based on the chosen educational institution, country and duration of the program. It is best to contact the admission office directly for more specific information.

Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Upon completion of a master’s degree in international hotel management, graduates are often able to choose from a variety of jobs all over the world. Some possible job titles are hotel manager, revenue manager and division manager.  Graduates work not just in hotels, but spas, resorts and bed and breakfasts, which can help increase their chances of finding employment upon graduation.

There are a large number of institutions around the world that offer this particular master’s degree, so make sure to compare several options. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.