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16 Master Programs in International Journalism 2024


If you are hungry for a career in the global news media, then a masters degree in international journalism is the way to get there. Traveling and reporting on the world’s most recent and important stories is part of the package that awaits one with an eye on a career in the international journalism arena. The masters program is a hands-on program that helps students taking it to gain the necessary multimedia skills and the experience needed to make it big in breaking international news from anywhere in the world. Even more interesting about the masters program is the ever changing dynamics as the conventions of news reporting on the world arena keep changing.

A masters program in international journalism offers the students with a rich learning experience, complete with an international appeal as part of the package. The program blends theory with practice; therefore, a student enrolled in the program acquires solid grounding in the reporting of news. A professional placement of students in news organizations helps students to gain the hands-on experience necessary to make it in the competitive international arena. A student also gains a deep understanding of the global issues and challenges affecting international journalism.
Conditions replicating those in global newsrooms are provided for the students to enable them to gain hands-on experience. Core skills in news production are obtained in the process and to enable the student have quality skills that fit in different platforms.

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