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18 Master Programs in Administration Studies NPO 2024



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    Master Programs in Administration Studies NPO

    Not-for-profit Organizations (NPO) exist all around the world, some being international in nature, and they are defined by their necessity to reinvest all surplus revenues to achieve the organization's goals, rather than distributing them as profit or dividends. Many NPOs are charity or service organizations which may work for the relief of poverty, advancement of education or religion, development or other beneficial community-driven services. Master Not-for-profit Organizations students will learn about the various types of NPOs, but also the legal and economic aspects of administering them, such as planning, strategy, leadership, policies, tax status, representation, accountability and auditing provisions, supervision and management and economic activity.

    Masters in Not-for-profit Organizations are offered by numerous universities and schools around the world, in Australia, Brunei, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. Most of the programs last for one to two years and require a Bachelors degree as a minimum prerequisite for admission. Prices and study methods for Masters in NPO programs vary depending on the country, school and department. Different Masters of NPO programs focus on different areas of specialization, adding to graduates' high level of employability upon completion.

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