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76 Master Programs in Energy Studies Energy Sustainable Energy 2024



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Master Programs in Energy Studies Energy Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy is quite a new concept that has been widely embraced and accepted all over the globe. A masters degree in sustainable energy is a program designed to empower and impart skills that allow graduates to successfully play a leading role in the sustainable energy use campaign. A master in sustainable energy is well grounded to deal with any matters pertaining to global energy issues, renewable and non-renewable energy, sustainable energy technologies, the environment as a whole and policies affecting the environment and energy use. The program is a unique blend of academic excellence as well as industrial expertise geared at producing graduates who are the epitome of brilliance in the sustainable energy field.

The program targets bachelor degree holders in engineering and physical science courses as well as environmental discipline. The program not only instills scientific and environmental knowledge but also a great deal of management information. Sustainable energy experts are to great extent managers of the environment we live in. The program also provides the student with a first hand view of technologies used in sustainable energy engineering such as fuel cells, renewable energy technologies as well as low carbon technologies.

Graduates from the program have the opportunity to work in local and international energy plants as energy managers, project managers as well as consultants. The program is also a solid foundation for individuals wishing to acquire a PhD in a related field of study.