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80 Master Programs in Architecture Studies Urban Design 2024



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    Master Programs in Architecture Studies Urban Design

    Urban design is arguably as old as human civilization itself. Although it hadn't been referred to as ""urban design"" per se, key urban design practices and technologies have been integral in the creation of human settlements and ancient metropolises that have continued to amaze present-day urban designers, archaeologists and the rest of humanity alike.

    For instance, the thoughtful design of thoroughfares has been always essential to the economic life of cities. Getting from point A to point B in the geographic sense is more than just a question of having a roadworthy means of transport; more so, having efficiently designed road systems and mass transport is really what cuts the cake.

    Holders of a Master in Urban Design do more than just transport systems, of course. Sewage and waste disposal, for another, are also problems that urban designers must face when planning a city. All these three aforementioned factors (i.e., transportation, sewage and waste disposal), among many other equally significant factors, must be designed with geographic considerations in mind. Things like elevation from the sea, climate conditions, risk of earthquake or landslide and more are perennial things that make city planning a unique affair for each city in question. Truly, a Master in Urban Design program is an interdisciplinary field which develops professionals that we cannot live without.

    At present, urban designers play significant role in solving day-to-day problems of cities, big and small. Outside government, they are also actively employed in the private sector by land developers and construction companies for similar endeavors."