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12 MSc Programs in Business Studies Commerce 2024



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MSc Programs in Business Studies Commerce

A Master of Science, often referred to as an MSc, in an internationally recognized academic distinction awarded to those who complete two or three years of set coursework in a given industry. Many students immediately join the workforce after securing an MSc, while others choose to pursue a doctoral designation.

Just what is an MSc in Commerce? This comprehensive advanced degree program is generally offered through Commonwealth nations, and is intended for those looking to establish lucrative careers in commerce, accounting, economics or a similar field. Some variation from program to program is to be expected, but common areas of study include business management, human resource studies, economics, statistics, accounting practices, finance and supply chain management, among others. Some Master of Commerce programs emphasize one of these areas more than the others, while others offer a more broad educational foundation.

Students who successfully earn a Master of Science in Commerce are prepared for a variety of commerce-related positions around the globe. Many master’s degree holders find that their career opportunities are enhanced after securing the master’s degree, and many also note being able to earn higher salaries than before they earned the advanced degree.

There is no set cost for securing a Master of Science in Commerce. Rather, tuition rates vary broadly based on factors such as the geographic location of the school through which the program is offered, as well as the prestige of the school and the commerce program itself.

Upon achieving the MSc in Commerce, many students go on work in fields closely related to the degree. Many choose to pursue work in financial services, global economics, marketing, advertising, economics or consulting, while others choose to teach within higher education. Others yet use the designation as a means of continuing their education even further to obtain a doctoral degree.

Students interested in finding out more about the numerous commerce-related academic opportunities that exist worldwide are encouraged to explore our database. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.