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5 MSc Programs in Economic Studies Finance Computational Finance 2024



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MSc Programs in Economic Studies Finance Computational Finance

A master’s degree is an advanced academic achievement given to students who effectively complete roughly two years of rigorous coursework in a given area. The Master of Science, or MSc, is one of the two most common master’s degree designations; the other being the Master of Arts.

Just what is an MSc in Computational Finance? This comprehensive advanced degree program is intended for those with strong educational backgrounds and, ideally, existing work experience in science, computer science, mathematics, economics, finance, engineering or a related field. Students should expect close study of complex mathematic and scientific equations, as well as a review of calculus, linear algebra and other mathematic concepts. Additional attention is given in many programs to areas such as statistics and management science.

Students who successfully graduate from a Master of Science in Computational Finance program are generally equipped with a broad set of skills that are extremely valued by today’s leading global companies. In addition to enhanced career prospects, graduates often see an increase in income as a result of their advanced degree.

Interested students should expect significant variation in tuition costs for computational finance master’s degree programs. Tuition generally varies based on factors such as the geographic region through which the program is offered as well as the prestige and popularity of the program itself.

Computational finance master’s degree holders go on to assume a broad assortment of positions within the financial services sector. Many graduates of these programs are recruited by top global corporations. Others establish careers related to trading, financial analysis or risk management, among other related areas. Others choose to work in higher education, or to return to school to pursue a doctoral degree.

Those interested in pursuing a career within the global financial services industry are encouraged to review the numerous computational finance master’s degree programs available around the globe using our comprehensive database. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.