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22 MSc Programs in Economic Studies Finance Financial Analysis 2024



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MSc Programs in Economic Studies Finance Financial Analysis

A Master of Science, or an MSc, is an option that individuals may consider after they have completed their undergraduate studies. Most entry level jobs now require at least a bachelor’s degree, so obtaining an MSc helps set individuals apart from others within their job pool. For those looking to advance in their current position, a master’s can help as well.

Some might ask, “What is an MSc in Financial Analysis?” It is a program that prepares individuals to enter or advance within the financial realm of business. It not only builds upon students' understanding of analytical practices and procedures, but it also enhances their knowledge of current and cutting edge financial practices.  Upon completing the program graduates are able to properly analyze financial data to predict patterns and deploy strategies to advance the company’s financial standing.

The MSc in Financial Analysis is a diverse program. With its management components it helps to prepare students for a number of different job opportunities.

The cost of the program varies amongst different institutions. Usual determining factors include the school location, common cost of attendance and your choice to study on campus or online. With this program you might also choose an academic or research based program, which may also weigh into the price.

With this diverse degree the possibilities for graduates are practically limitless. All companies have a financial department of some sort, so individuals may choose to work in any industry, though many students choose to stay within the financial industry. With a master’s degree you can expect to enter into a management position, or use your degree to advance to such a position within your current company. Those seeking greater independence might choose a consultant or contracted position with one or several companies.

If you enjoy and understand the analysis process and are interested in its financial applications, an MSc in Financial Analysis might be right for you. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.