The Salzburg Centre of European Union Studies (SCEUS) is an enterprise geared towards research as much as towards education of a new generation of academics.

The creation of a priority programme in European Union Studies was particularly propitious at this time given a series of developments. The European Union has become the crucial factor in the constitution of Europe's political and socio-economic order. It represents a unique peace project that has succeeded in integrating a multitude of former opponents and enemies into one new community of law. Yet, the general success story of European integration has repeatedly shown signs of stalemate and rupture. After the rejection of the Constitutional Treaty in 2005 and the difficult ratification process of the Treaty of Lisbon offering new instruments of decision-making, the EU incurred a financial and economic crisis that arguably calls for greater leadership and supranational economic governance. SCEUS in its research tackles questions of the institutional set-up and the economic governance of the European Union, as well as broader social aspects of European integration and the role of the European Union as a global actor.

An important objective of SCEUS is to link research and teaching in several ways: The University of Salzburg has launched a new Master Programme in October 2005 titled European Union Studies. It is mainly concerned with law, economics and political science and flanked by sociology, history and communications.

Beginning in 2008, the University has also established three years Doctoral Programme in European Union Studies, which is financed by the Swiss Humer foundation. The Master, as well as the Doctoral Programme profit from a Fellowship Programme, conceived to invite outstanding scholars from other international institutions to spend research time at SCEUS.

In August 2008 the Centre has been awarded a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence.

SCEUS is located at the Edmundsburg (Haus für Europa), a historic building right in the city centre of Salzburg.

Horizon 2020 - The Choice for Europe since Maastricht

Since July 1st, 2015 SCEUS coordinates the 4-year Horizon 2020 research project "The Choice for Europe since Maastricht". Here you can find detailed information on objectives, the research team, the consortium and results.

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University of Salzburg- Centre of European Union Studies

Politics, Law and Economics are highly influenced by European decisions. Knowledge of European institutions, policies, decision procedures and law is therefore extremely ... [+]

MA in European Union Studies

Politics, Law and Economics are highly influenced by European decisions. Knowledge of European institutions, policies, decision procedures and law is therefore extremely relevant for everybody working in the public and private sectors. The unique master program in European Union Studies imparts students with a profound theoretical and practical knowledge in these areas, by connecting political science, law, economics, history, communication studies, and languages.

The program also provides opportunities for studying abroad, enhancing the international qualification and the language competences of its students. Also, the whole study program is taught in English (since Curriculum 2016), intensifying the international focus. The master program takes account of political and socio-economic processes and includes European practitioners and experts from the European institutions in its teaching program. By simulating decision procedures and moot courts students practice preparing bargaining positions and negotiating these position in the framework of the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the Commission and the European Court of Justice.... [-]

Austria Salzburg
October 2020
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4 semesters
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