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Founded in 1898, Northeastern is a top 50 global research university and the recognized leader in experiential learning, anchored in the world’s largest and most innovative cooperative education program. We integrate classroom studies with opportunities for professional work, research, service, and global learning in 128 countries.

Our Core Values

Contribution, Diversity, Integrity, Engagement, Opportunity

  • Northeastern seeks to contribute to the individual fulfillment of each member of the campus, to the welfare of the surrounding communities, and to solutions that will address global and societal needs.
  • Northeastern celebrates diversity in all its forms and fosters a culture of respect that affirms intergroup relations and builds community.
  • Northeastern pursues each of its activities and interactions with integrity, maintaining the highest ethical standards.
  • Northeastern promotes active engagement in teaching and learning, in scholarship and research, in the life of urban communities, and with our alumni and friends.
  • Northeastern provides opportunities to those who strive to overcome disadvantages and show great promise for future success.

A Tradition of Leadership

Northeastern started with a new idea: that higher education would be enriched by integrating students’ coursework with opportunities for experience in their field of study; that a university could best serve its students and lead innovation by engaging directly with its community through partnerships with employers.

As the university has grown over the decades, so has the breadth of our community and our level of engagement. Today, co-op is the core of the world’s largest experiential learning program, which extends to more than 3,300 employers in 128 countries.

Northeastern’s leadership in experiential learning is the foundation of its leadership in developing global educational and research partnerships around the world—and the graduate campuses in Seattle and Charlotte, North Carolina, and the hub in Silicon Valley are the latest manifestation of that leadership. Just as in 1898, Northeastern is engaging with communities in partnerships devoted to advancing education and economic growth.

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Experience Our Global Network

Northeastern’s network of business leaders, alumni, and students extends to thousands of organizations in more than 150 countries. Joining is simple: Enroll as a student or partner with the university, and you are part of the Northeastern network. You will be connected to professionals and peers who will open the right doors, whether you are starting your career or advancing your business.

Industry-Aligned Programs Grounded in Experiential Learning

Northeastern’s online courses are not simply classroom-based courses pasted into the online environment. Working with learning experts and industry partners, we are the first university to create an online education model driven by cognitive science, informed by employers, and powered by experiential learning. The program includes an extra experiential dimension through collaboratively developed curricula, cooperative education placements, and corporate residencies, case studies, and special projects.

A Network of Regional Campuses, Hubs, and 3,300+ Global Partners

Toronto is the latest addition to the university’s global network, which includes the flagship campus in Boston as well as regional campuses in Charlotte, North Carolina, Seattle, and the San Francisco Bay Area. This unique and powerful combination of education and research, aligned with a regional and global workforce and development needs, moves higher education beyond a model that has changed little in centuries.

The university’s partnerships—through undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as faculty research collaborations—include more than 3,300 businesses and nonprofits in more than 150 countries on six continents.

A Global Alumni Network

Northeastern’s 255,000-plus alumni form a worldwide community of professionals and engaged citizens. The university’s 25 U.S. alumni chapters, eight international chapters, and alumni delegates in more than 80 countries keep alumni connected and serve as a resource for current students on international co-ops.

Advancing Careers

Our career services—ranked by Princeton Review among the top four in the nation for seven consecutive years—offer students and alumni across our network these resources and more: connections to thousands of employers, career advising, job-search, and interview preparation, and links to a multitude of online and in-person career services.

The Northeastern Advantage

Founded in Boston in 1898, Northeastern is a global research university and a world leader in experiential learning, with campuses in Boston, Charlotte, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and now Toronto. We know that in a time of rapid technological change, you need to keep learning to keep up.

Innovative Programs

Our master’s programs are aligned with some of Toronto’s fastest-growing industries. All of our programs are offered fully online or in a flexible hybrid format (combining online and in-class instruction). Take classes taught by Northeastern’s world-class faculty on your own schedule.

A Global Network

With our growing network of campuses, Northeastern brings a unique perspective on the talent and innovation needs of some of the world’s most dynamic cities.

Experiential Opportunities

Northeastern infuses industry-aligned experience into every graduate and professional-degree program through its renowned co-op program and our innovative XN learning platform—in which students work directly with an industry sponsor on a short-term business project.

Our Delivery Model

Northeastern faculty members in online- and hybrid-based programs integrate their deep theoretical knowledge with strong professional experience. Using the technology tools that have made online education a rich learning environment, they draw from a wide array of resources that enable students to apply new knowledge directly to the problem-solving needs of the workplace.

Our degree programs are designed to let each student choose from online and hybrid learning options. We make every effort to offer courses in a variety of formats; however, enrollments determine course offerings from term to term.

Our hybrid format—the blending of online and classroom learning—offers students the best of both worlds: the flexibility and convenience of online education and the personal, faculty, and peer interaction of classroom-based programs.

The Toronto Campus

Northeastern University, a top-ranked, nonprofit U.S. university, has established distinctive regional campuses in select cities, offering industry-aligned graduate programs designed to help working professionals achieve their career goals. Northeastern’s Toronto campus will open with three Master of Science programs that are in high demand among the region’s employers—project management, cybersecurity, and regulatory affairs for drugs, biologics, and medical devices. Tailored to Toronto’s needs as a world economic center, these degree programs offer working professionals a clear path to advancing their careers while staying with their current organizations: the schedule flexibility of online education combined with the outstanding faculty, academic resources, and program support of a leading U.S. research institution.



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