The Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb is a public institution of higher education, which organizes and conducts university study courses, and performs scientific and highly professional work in the realm of biomedicine and health, in the field of veterinary medicine, and other related fields, as well as educational life-long learning programmes for doctors of veterinary medicine. It was founded one hundred years ago, as one of the oldest faculties in the Republic of Croatia, and by its long tradition and established criteria of excellence, is inseparable from the development of the veterinary profession in the territory of Croatia.


Over the one hundred years of its existence, the Faculty has executed its basic educational and scientific function in the realm of veterinary medicine. The University graduate study course is now run as an integrated undergraduate and graduate course in veterinary medicine and lasts six years. Apart from the course in Croatian, there is also an integrated course in veterinary medicine in English. At the Veterinary Faculty, there is also a post-graduate Ph.D. course in veterinary sciences, which in 2017 received the designation of high quality from the Agency for Science and Higher Education, as well as many other specialized post-graduate courses.

Apart from education and scientific research, the Faculty conducts many professional activities in many fields, such as: veterinary public health and environment protection, clinical and in-field diagnostics, treatment and prevention of illnesses of animals and zoonoses, supervision and professional expertise in the field of veterinary medicine and breeding of animals, research and production of medication intended for the protection of animal health, designing and organizing livestock production, and hygiene and technology in the production of foodstuffs of animal origin.



The vision of the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb is to become an example of a comprehensive teaching and research center with high 21st century standards. Work at the Veterinary Faculty will be founded on continuous advancement in scientific, teaching and professional work, with respect for the highest ethical standards, in an innovative environment, ready for cooperation.


The mission of the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb is to improve and advance its leading educational role in higher education and secure a leading scientific position in the field of veterinary medicine and related sciences in Croatia and the wider region. These tasks will be realized on the basis of tradition, well-thought-through staffing policies, state-of-the-art equipment and connections on a European and world scale. In fulfilling this mission, in particular, the strong development is foreseen and expected of regional cooperation within the EU, especially within associations and organizations such as the Veterinary Network of Student and Staff Transfer (VetNEST), and faculties and universities with which direct cooperation is agreed.

For the advancement of their work in general, the teaching staff at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb also exchange experience and knowledge with foreign faculties, through membership of the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education. EAEVE was founded in France in 1987 and was one of the first in Europe to develop a permanent system of evaluation of veterinary schools, and in that way established the high position of veterinary medicine in the European system of education. The Veterinary Faculty was one of the first components of the University of Zagreb to accept this evaluation, in order to have its position defined in terms of the quality and conditions of its teaching, and also in relation to its scientific and professional activities. An expert team from EAEVE assessed that the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb meets the criteria of quality of institutions of higher education in Europe, and in 2003 we were added to the list of veterinary institutions of higher education in Europe with a positive evaluation. In 2013 that evaluation was confirmed and in 2015 we received a certificate whereby the degree of doctor of veterinary medicine attained from our Faculty became equal to those attained from other European veterinary faculties.

In this light, our desire is to align our teaching process with other European institutions of higher veterinary education, whilst retaining our specific characteristics arising from the needs of veterinary medicine in the Republic of Croatia. Our aim is to develop by advancing our teaching, scientific and professional work, and establishing a quality control system so that we will see the continual improvement of the results of our basic activities. By achieving these goals, which are appropriate to our developmental capacities and aligned with the current legislation, the Veterinary Faculty will be positioned as the leading institution of higher education in the region in the field of veterinary medicine.

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