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EASA & FAA approved flight school Flying Academy is a flight school authorized by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) as well as the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). The academy’s highest priority is to provide a safe flying environment to all its pilots. Whether at the base in Prague, Brno or Miami, Flying Academy puts its customers first, because highest customer satisfaction is one of the school’s most important values. Constant innovation keeps us ahead of the competition not only by global presence but also in technology. Flying Academy’s mission is to create professional, safety conscious flight crew members who function effectively and are thoroughly equipped for the challenges of employment opportunities as a corporate pilot or first officer and captains of airlines around the world. Why choose Flying Academy

  • EASA Approved Training Organization (CZ/ATO-014)
  • FAA Approved 141 & 61 Flight School
  • Learn to fly in the European Union and/or in the USA
  • Flight training base in Miami, Florida offers over 360 flying days
  • You can combine flight training in Europe and in the US
  • 12 years of experience with pilot training in Europe and 30 years in the USA
  • Flight school is led by airline pilots - you will get real pilot experience
  • Students from countries all around the world
  • Free iPad mini for our students starting their professional flight training program

Flight training experience, innovations Students profit from the experience Flying Academy and its instructors have gathered throughout many years. With 12 years of experience of Flying Academy in Europe and even 30 years of experience accumulated in the Miami base, the academy is able to provide excellent training through experienced pilots worldwide. This real-life pilot experience is reflected in the exceptional training that is very practically oriented and provides hands-on learning experiences. It is the academy’s goal to create an interactive and diverse learning environment. We focus strongly on innovations, therefore, our students have the availability of using the latest state of the art equipment for studying: the ATPL question bank, Wifi-equipped classrooms, video materials and even the free iPad for students participating in the programs ATPL modular, 0-CPL, as well as 0-ATPL. Changes in the industry are immediately reflected in the curricula to ensure that all learning materials stay current and Flying Academy continues to provide the best training opportunities to its customers. Flying Academy is led by Airline Pilots. They have developed a broad range of courses that lead the students all the way to their goal. Students at Flying Academy have the opportunity to join programs to gain their Private Pilot License, add their Instrument Rating as well as obtaining the Commercial Pilot License leading up to the Airline Transport Pilot License. Flight school locations in USA and Europe With bases in the Czech Republic as well as Miami, Florida, Flying Academy gives their students the opportunity to choose the location for their training from many appealing options. Flying Academy strongly supports its students with housing opportunities, Visa requirements and more. Flying Academy opens the door to Europe! As a student of Flying Academy in one of the Czech Republic bases, students have the opportunity to visit countries all over Europe (that are in the European Union) without having to go through any Visa trouble! Paris, Berlin, Rome, even Barcelona are easily accessible by hopping on a flight with one of the many cheap European airlines. One of Flying Academy’s great advantages is its base in Miami, Florida. Beautiful views of Miami by day and night, blue skies, and gorgeous beaches are not the only benefits this base of Flying Academy has to offer. The Florida climate makes it possible to fly year round. This enables all students to quickly collect their flight hours and jump into the seat of an airline or corporate position. Students from countries all round the world Flying Academy creates a multicultural learning environment. with students from countries all around the world such as Colombia, El Salvador, Brazil, Romania, Saudi Arabia, India, the Maldives, and many more. This intercultural competency will help students feel comfortable working in different countries throughout their career or sharing the cockpit of an airline with a pilot from another culture. All in all, Flying Academy has a huge package of opportunities to offer and will give their students the required support needed to fulfill their dreams of becoming successful professional pilots.



Flying Academy Prague

Flying Academy s.r.o.
Beranových 130
Praha 9 - Letnany 199 05

19905 Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
+420 228 882 444


Brno–Tuřany Airport

Flying Academy Brno
Airport Brno - Turany
Brno 627 00
Czech Republic

627 00 Brno, South Moravian Region, Czech Republic
+420 545 521 310

South Miami Heights

Flying Academy Miami

South Miami Heights, Florida, USA
+1 305-255-8753

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