Estonian Aviation Academy


Estonian Aviation Academy was founded in 1993 with the aim of training aviation specialists, developing national aviation culture and promoting aviation science and research in international cooperation. Since 1996 state-funded students have been trained at higher educational level.

At our Academy, it is possible to study according to nationally and internationally fully accredited curricula. The compliance of the study process with aviation requirements recognized and accepted by international aviation community is guaranteed by certificates issued by the Estonian Civil Aviation Administration.

We admit students on the basis of secondary education. The duration of studies is four years and studies are free. The curricula have been divided into modules in order to make the study process more flexible and to enable to change its sequence on special occasions. As basic engineering training is carried out in cooperation with Estonian universities and specialty training takes place in cooperation with aviation institutions, we guarantee the best training available on the market. Practical training is organized in aviation enterprises both in Estonia and abroad.

As we at the Academy believe that life-long learning is the key to success, we provide the possibility of continuing the studies at Master´s level as well as professional development courses to people engaged in aviation.

At present, it can be said that Estonian Aviation Academy is the best-equipped aviation education institution in the Baltic countries. We take pride in our contemporary laboratories and the quickly developing simulator complex.

Our students are in close contact with their would-be employers from the very beginning of their studies. The curricula have been developed in cooperation with different Estonian aviation institutions, whose representatives also have a say in the Academy Board of Councillors.

The principle we have always followed is “Quality first!” Therefore great emphasis has been laid on developing the quality system, striving to offer our students the best education in the best learning environment possible.



Lennu 40, Reola küla,
Ülenurme vald

61707 Ülenurme, Tartu County, Estonia

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