Our school was launched in 1981 by the Chambre of Commerce and Industry in Toulouse, and the Apparel trade association. ESIMODE offers a diverse range of courses for fashion students which includes specialised diplomas. These cover fashion design, fashion management, textile techniques, pattern making and couture.

Although Toulouse is well-known as the European headquarters of the aerospace industry, it also boasts a highly successful textile industry, historically a key activity in the Midi-Pyrénées Region, it is also an important tourist and agricultural site in France.

Toulouse owes its dynamism to a young population; a third of whom are aged between 18 and 29. The presence of some 100,000 students makes Toulouse (locally known as the “Pink City”) France’s second largest university town (just behind Paris) and a prized site due to its large number of teaching establishments. Three universities, comprising 14 schools in all, together with a large range of both sporting and cultural activities, in a thoroughly welcoming atmosphere, ensure Toulouse’s reputation as a thriving City.

The City’s urban fabric comprises 342 municipalities and a conurbation which is ranked as the 4th most important textile centre in France. It is the most important production site in France for carded thread and materials, such as wool. In Toulouse, the textile industry employs around 4,000 people; or nearly 7,000, if we include the clothing, leather and fashion design sectors.


Got a college or a business school degree, and you have a passion for fashion? Look no further, this Master of Business Administration is for you. This course will help you develop your competence and become operational in the sector. The MBA prepares students to:

  • Build a comprehensive view of the different functions within the fashion industry to create bridges between development, production, marketing and management.
  • Train in techniques and methods in order to manage a complex industry.
  • Develop a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. This program is unique in its educational content and promotes the ability to integrate in the fashion industry. A scientific committee is responsible for approving and monitoring the program based on the needs of the fashion industry.

Level and conditions of entry: Excellent command of French language


To prepare the student for careers of creation and design within the fashion sector, in the fields of textile creation, conception of a wide variety of garments, fashion accessories and product display. To acquire a good level in technical English in order to be able to access a Bachelor in Fashion Design (4 years of higher education). This program is focused on the perfect mastery of knowledge and skills linked to the method of creation within the fashion sector. Knowledge is strengthened thanks to an 8-week professional internship within a company.

Course content: Fundamental fields to master - the creative approach : drawing, technical drawing, colours, history of art, fashion design, development of the pattern, construction of the collection, textile creation and technical English, production trade. additional knowledge : textile fabrics, professional communication, fashion marketing, law and cultural environment.

Level and conditions of entry: Excellent command of French language


In Textile and Apparel in Fashion and Luxury Industry, majoring in Fashion Business Management (Master's level)

Duration of the course: 2 years Applicant must hold a bachelor degree from a regionally accredited institution, or shall have completed equivalent academic preparation as determined by appropriate campus authorities.

Level and conditions of entry: Excellent command of French language This 2-year graduate course prepares for management and sales event functions within the fashion industry business. In order to fully experience and understand the academic teaching, each student complete 2 work placements during the length of the course, each taking place during the academic year and lasting between 10 to 12 weeks.

Course content: Management and production control, fashion design DAO object-orientated software, Fashion design and Pattern making, History and culture of fashion, introduction to pattern making, Gradation and industrial montage of garments, Textile, fibre and fabric technology, Technical English, Personal skills and leadership practices within a professional environment, Fashion group strategies (Corporate Law/Financial management/economics).


Duration of the course: 4 years.

Level and conditions of entry: Excellent command of French language

At the end of the course, young designers will have acquired the skills required to work in both French and overseas fashion companies and, where this is their ultimate aim, to create their own fashion label.

Course content:

Creative approach, drawing, Design culture, fashion design, textile creation, product installation, technical English,professional communication, law and environment, fashion marketing.



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