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Overview: Remote School

With distance learning, you take control of your learning to activate the steering your career success. At your tempo. The distance is transforming information into knowledge!

Acquiring knowledge is now possible at any time, to the greatest number. Our major role is to assist you in thinking and building your knowledge. Your future is at the heart of our concerns!

INEAD offers with his team doubling up of tutors and coaches, cognitive pedagogy and true to the Socratic method of Socrates!

INEAD, Specialist E-learning Training

Specialist in distance higher education since 2008, INEAD offers 52 courses in e-learning courses in 9:

Human Resources

Marketing, Communications, Events Banking, Finance, Insurance Environment, Sustainability Management and Business Management Logistics and Supply Chain Computers, Web Design Tourism, Hotels Social, Medical, Health

Our difference is our coaching and personal coaching we assure our 1,200 students per year. Also, our students can study when they want, where they want and at their own pace.

teaching method

You are at the heart of learning. Your tempo is ours, we respect and we adapt to it. We offer a paperless education with the support of our teams. We are focusing on developing your skills and structuring the interaction with tutors and coaches.

Our teaching method is based on four axes:

The proximity of our distance learning The humanity of online to optimize your training The right tools to serve your apprenticeship The educational platform

The institute Quality policy

The vocation of Eductive Group, which belongs INEAD, is to work for the professional future of its students. It includes a set of high schools, each specializing in a sector or several sectors, but with a common currency: training - a job - a job.

INEAD is a pilot school group in distance education; it has become a major player in France for distance education. This goal requires among others the implementation of a quality policy.

Moreover, the rise of information and communication technologies applied to teaching and training, new customer expectations, the changing educational context ... necessary to integrate and sometimes anticipate these changes in teaching methods of the Institute.

By relying on a quality approach and thus highlighting listening and customer satisfaction, the Institute intends to remain true to its values.

Quality policy, we wanted to initiate INEAD, aims to provide opportunities to its staff and its customers. It covers four areas:

Enhanced employability: Provide training which, given a difficult market access to youth employment, promote professional integration. Sustainable employability: Provide training that promote analytical skills, critical thinking, but also the citizen sense, personal growth, openness to Europe and the world ... for the student garners profitable assets throughout his professional career. A pedagogy of success: Use instructional design and technology to achieve the best possible results, based on a body of teaching staff, the development of teamwork on individual support of students on tools interactive information and communication. A culture of high standards and quality: Develop among staff a continuous improvement approach understood, shared and accepted by all.

training guarantees quality

EDUCTIVE GROUP : INEAD is a member of Eductive Group, group teaching higher national scale consists of twenty schools.

RNCP CERTIFICATION : INEAD exemption Securities Certified registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) under the responsibility of the National Commission for Vocational Certification, itself under the authority of the Ministry of Labour.


INEAD is subject to the teaching and administrative control of the Ministry of Education, in accordance with Article L. 442-2 of the Education Code.

FINANCIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROL OF THE MINISTRY OF LABOUR : INEAD is registered as a training organization with the Regional Directorate of Labour, Employment and Vocational Training (DRTEFP). The property is subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Labour in accordance with Articles L6361-1 and L6361-2 of the Labour Code.


INEAD is a member of the European Federation of Schools (FEDE). Founded in 1963, FEDE today represents 75 European Diplomas awarded by more than 14,000 students in over 350 schools in France and Europe.Tous the FEDE diplomas are based on the European Credit Transfer System and European credit accumulation Credit Transfer System (ECTS).


The IACBE (International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education) accredits training programs that meet specific requirement criteria. Accredited training should aim to acquire specific professional skills to the workplace. All DEES FEDE diplomas issued by the accredited IACBE.


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