Universite de Haute Alsace


The University of Haute-Alsace (UHA) is structured to ensure a wide reach and become a real engine at society's heart. Three major poles make up its organization: training, research, management, and services. At the head of the University, the presidency implements an established policy in conjunction with the teams.

The University of Haute-Alsace has developed based on a solid partnership with socio-economic players in its territory: the Mulhouse model. Thanks to more than 1,500 professional contractors, the UHA is constantly innovating to anticipate developments in the knowledge economy. At The University of Haute-Alsace, nearly 11% of students take apprenticeship training, while almost 5% are continuing education.

The University of Haute-Alsace offers a large number of professional training courses. Among them, DUTs (Technical University Degree), professional licenses, and masters.



Rue des Frères Lumière,2
68100 Mulhouse, Grand Est, France

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