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Steinbeis University Berlin - Institute Corporate Responsibility Management

The Institute Corporate Responsibility Management (ICRM) was founded in 2008 at Steinbeis University Berlin as a response to the growing demand for consistent and systematic executive education and research in the fields of Corporate Responsibility Management, Corporate Ethics Management, and Corporate Sustainability Management. The Institute contributes to the requirements of Global Corporate Responsibility by choosing Berlin as the new center in thriving Europe. A teaching and research program highlights the relevance of Corporate Responsibility in today's business world.

ICRM spent several years researching an adequate curriculum of a 15-month study program - Master of Arts in Responsible Management (MRM). The Institute updates the students and companies with the knowledge that is asked for in order to operationalize Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The research objectives are defined by the assumption that ethical principles are a basis for CSR related concepts. ICRM focuses on the fundamental principles behind creating ethical guidelines that apply in order to develop consistent curricula changes. The objective is to establish a general, consensus-enabling basis for debates in order to implement ethical decision making in the field of corporate responsibility.

By developing the Master Program as a double degree, in conjunction with “traditional” MBA programs, the Institute aspires to facilitate wider mainstreaming of Responsible Management. Besides the current cooperation with universities in the United Kingdom and Austria, the Institute is actively negotiating with several overseas institutions as well.

In addition, ICRM is a United Nations Principles in Responsible Management Education (UN PRME) Executive Degree Programs Working Group leader and part of the academic network of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative. Through these networks, the institute is a key stakeholder and influencer across the discipline.

The Institute

Steinbeis University Berlin, with more than 4200 current students, is one of the largest private universities in Germany and has the ideal environment for our innovative program. This course of study at Steinbeis University also contributes to the requirements of Global Corporate Responsibility. The Institute Corporate Responsibility Management at Steinbeis University Berlin is offering this comprehensive study plan, so the student may earn a Master’s Degree in Responsible Management.

The Study Concept

The program is based on the world-renowned Steinbeis Project Competence Concept and the Blended Learning Concept. The foundation of the learning process includes class sessions, self-study days, transfer projects, presentation, and discussion, all of which instill “best practices” in Corporate Responsibility Management.

This Master’s Program can be easily integrated with an MBA or General Business Master’s Program towards the fulfillment of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education Initiative (PRME).

Benefits and Target Group

Guided by a holistic understanding and practice of Corporate Responsibility, this program will enable students to develop competent responsible behavior by teaching basic techniques that reinforce and establish Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.

This program is designed for employees accountable for Corporate Responsibility as well as executives who recognize Corporate Responsibility Management as a consistent values-oriented management mechanism in their respective fields of work.



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