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24 ORE Business School has developed innovative and specialized business training and professional development programs aimed at helping recent graduates just beginning their careers to acquire new knowledge and skills, as well as mature managers and professionals who need to update existing skills or develop new areas of expertise. Programs are designed for individuals working in both the public and private sectors. Focusing on the various needs of young managers and professionals, curricula are continuously updated to take into account the newest business trends. Experienced publishers with backgrounds in education identify key topics, setting in motion a rich dialog between experts, journalists and the more than 6000 managers who participate every year. Sole 24 ORE Education programs aim to provide a concrete grounding in the areas of economics, finance, and management.

Sole 24 ORE Education programs include:

- Annual Events - Specialized Master’s Degrees - Executive Master - Courses and Conferences - E-learning - In-house education - Professional development

The Business School offers:

  • A full-time Master’s program which incorporates work experience gained through internships that provide young students with a greater competitive edge to enter the workforce at a higher level of qualification and expertise.
  • The Executive24 Master is designed for busy managers and entrepreneurs who must balance their career obligations with their need for continuous learning in a dynamic world. The program alternates distance learning with on-campus sessions to allow for a more flexible educational experience.
  • The Master24 is designed for self-learners and is based on an innovative formula of distance learning that takes advantage of a multimedia classroom which includes access and interaction with experts.
  • Participants in the educational programs have access to Sole 24 ORE’s vast wealth of high-quality, multimedia resources.
  • Faculty includes highly qualified Italian and international experts who have experience both in their fields as well as in the classroom. They utilize a pragmatic approach that is oriented towards the needs of business professionals.
  • 150 scholarships available to students.

The Business School has always paid particular attention to developing and maintaining strong relationships with some of the most important companies and consulting firms in Italy and throughout the world. We currently collaborate with more than 600 internationally respected business partners. This network allows Sole 24 ORE to integrate business reality into its training programs, thus providing solid and practical applications for learning. Sole 24 ORE’s e-learning platform allows students to share documents, messages and create a community. Internships are an integral part of the Master’s program and represent an important opportunity for graduates to enter the labor market. The extended network of contacts from the corporate, professional and financial sector, coupled with the preparation provided by the Master’s program, provide students opportunities to enter important firms in both Italy and abroad. Career placement follows upon successful completion of the Master’s program and consists of introducing qualified applicants to organizations, matching students’ résumés (curriculum vitae) with the needs of the firms. The goal is to ensure that graduates gain relevant and meaningful experience which will allow them to continue their career development.



Il Sole 24 ORE

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