Scuola Italiana Design (SID)


Scuola Italiana Design (SID) was set up in 1991 in Padua as a school of industrial design and it has since dedicated itself to the aesthetic and technical-functional study and design of objects in small, medium and large-scale production.

Its inception was heavily solicited by the Chamber of Commerce of Padua in order to respond to the rising request by local companies for specialized professionals in product innovation. In 2001 Scuola Italiana Design merged with Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico (PST) “Galileo”. PST Galileo’s mission is to support the growth of company competitiveness by offering them the possibility to achieve their goals by providing innovative services.

Scuola Italiana Design has established itself over the years as The School of Ideas: SID is an institute that aims at encouraging every person’s capability to conceive, imagine and devise vis-à-vis the teaching of creative methods applied to the project. These creative methods professionalize to product design with expertizes in graphics (visual design), web design and packaging.


  1. To contribute to the human, cultural and relational formation of young creative designers and render them professional, quick and punctual, and prepared for a rapid introduction into the world of work:
    1. capable of “planning and conceiving” thanks to the creative method of SID which is the fruit of an ongoing comparison and examination with the most advanced methodologies on an international level;
    2. capable of “creating and designing” on themes of product design, with further competencies in the areas of visual, packaging and web design;
    3. capable of “communicating” their own projects with the modern language of manuals and information technology;
    4. capable of “operating” with a global vision of the market;
    5. with professional experience acquired “in the field” in direct contact with businesses.
  2. To offer businesses services geared towards:
    1. the design of the product, with further competencies in packaging, visual and web design;
    2. the recommending of young designers;
    3. the establishing of those designers within the creative planning centers of the business;
    4. the instruction and training of employees.

To promote the awareness and the culture of creative design in company communities and in the public-at-large in the territory. To construct and participate in international networks of businesses, institutions, organizations, universities, design institutes, creative professionals and aspiring students in order to become a center of reference for applied creative methodologies in design.




35127 Padua, Veneto, Italy

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