International University of Struga


International University of Struga is a highly qualifiedUniversity which is fullydevotedtothe education and successfulness of its students. International University of Struga throughout its undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the field of marketing and financial management, diplomacy and international relations, information technology, law sciences, English language and communicative sciences, offers a possibility for stimulating intellectual curiosity, rational thinking, introducing of wide spectrum of scientific disciplines and professional fields.

International University of Struga owes the possibility to work and help the students by using creative strategies, the latest up graded technology, using new teaching methods and practicing the theoretical knowledge in everyday life. Our students are sample for mutual multiethnic existence and work, an example of how to bind different cultures and how to respect and treat them.

International University of Struga is committed to global progress, prosperity, diversification, social responsibility and local functioning. Its working is directed to creation of ambient in which the students and the staff will be able to improve and develop their intellectual and professional talents without any limitation.


There are seven main goals on which is based the strategic plan of International University of Struga and which are hold on its working, those are:

• Create the most powerful learning experience possible for our students.

• Recruit, retain and develop quality faculty, administration and staff in appropriate numbers.

• Embrace and enhance diversity throughout the Group's constituencies, culture, curriculum and outreach activities.

• Create an educational environment that prepares our students to be global citizens.

• Strengthen the Group's regional engagement and outreach activities.

• Enhance the quality of the Group's environment and provide premises that are attractive, functional and safe.


The academic and administration staff, and students of International University of Struga are comemitted to successful achievement of the goals in order to secure the University in the group of high educational institutions of South-East Europe. The University willtend to treat friendly relation with the students by integrating in one unit the systems of teaching, mentoring and the scientific research.

The International University of Struga will completely devote to the education of its students in the part of undergraduate studies as well as in the part of post graduate studies. International University of Struga is a modern educational institution which is dignified with intellectual and cultural diversity and its main goal is to contribute into the regional development; as well as to become a place where every student will be able to accomplish his desires and ambitions for development and improvement.

The University aims to provide solid basics of knowledge, habit for work and skills to its graduated students that are necessary for achieving not only individual but also social improvement and development of the place they live and work in.


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