St Martin’s Institute of Information Technology


St Martin's Institute of IT is a licensed (License No: 196) private tertiary education institution by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education of Malta, offering a range of MQF Level 5 Diploma and Level 6 & 7 degrees in computer and social sciences conferred by the University of London. St Martin's was set up in 1985 and started supporting programmes offered through the University of London International in the year 2000.

St Martin's has established itself as a unique teaching institution in Malta based upon a commitment of quality education. This has been confirmed through a track record of excellent results in these past years, culminating in 70% of graduating students of 2006 attaining first class honour, with two students receiving three academic awards between them. The previous two years also were a success story with 50% graduating with first class honours.

It is imperative to put things in perspective. Malta is the smallest European Union member country, with a total population of just over four hundred thousand, with, though one of the oldest Universities established by the Knights of St John in the 16th century. The competition for students is thus very arduous and the success being gained by St Martin's graduates is having a marked effect on opening up the tertiary education sector in Malta, from a veritable monopoly into a pluralistic environment which will have a positive effect on the population of Malta.

Thousands of international students are attracted to Malta to study English every year, and a number of these students are choosing St Martin's to read for the qualifications offered through the University of London rather than go back to their home country. This augurs well for the future of the institute, and the University of London International Programmes in Malta.



St Martin's Institute of IT
Schembri Street

HMR1541 Hamrun, Malta

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