Central University of Mexico (Universidad Central de México)


In 1998, the School of Engineering and Communication (EIYC) was created initially with three degrees: Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering and Design and Visual Communication. At a technical level, there were careers: Computer Technician and English Translation Technician.

In 1999, the EIYC obtained the records of official validity of studies of the Bachelor's degrees in Public Accounting and Psychology and three careers of training for work: Executive Secretary, Bilingual and Computational. In 2000, the School of Engineering and Communication opened its educational services with five degrees, two technical careers, and three job training careers.

In March 2002, the Fundación para la Educación Multidisciplinaria A.C. (FEMAC), in order to formalize the association and seeking to provide support for the growth of the institution, becoming the main moral and economic support of the Institution.

In 2003, the School of Engineering and Communication underwent a name change, becoming the Central Institute of Mexico. Subsequently, the registration was obtained before the General Directorate of Professions for the issuance of the respective professional certificates.

In 2006, as a result of a collegiate work, the favorable technical opinion of the plan and study programs of the Degree in Psychology was obtained by the Inter-institutional Commission for the Training of Human Resources in Health (CIFRHS), in order to issue the respective titles of the health area.

In 2007, together with the recognition that the institution already had, another four recognitions of official validity of studies were obtained, two for bachelor's degrees and two for master's degrees. The two new bachelor's recognitions were in Finance and Information Technology; as well as those of the two master's degrees in Technological Innovation and Communication Sciences.

Since February 2010, the Institution was given the name of Central University of Mexico, a title that it officially supports.


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