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At Radboud University in the Netherlands, you can obtain a high-quality and internationally accredited Master’s degree. Leading academics and excellent professors offer you what you need in a supportive and innovative environment.

A wide range of English-taught Master’s programmes
We offer 14 English-taught Bachelor's programmes and 35 English-taught Master’s programmes with many specialisations, which will give you the necessary skills and insights into research and practice within your own subject area. Bachelor's programmes last three years, while Master's programmes take one or two years to complete. All our programmes are full-time and are open to both international and Dutch students.

Prestigious University
When you decide to come to Radboud University you will be studying at the best traditional university in the Netherlands, with many of our programmes recognised as top programmes or as the best in their field. We are home to many internationally acclaimed research institutes and in 2010 the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to a professor and PhD student of Radboud University. Enrolling at a truly excellent institution, you will be guaranteed to be offered a high-quality education.

About Radboud University
Established in 1923 and situated in Nijmegen, the oldest city of The Netherlands, Radboud University has seven faculties and counts over 20,000 students. Our personal approach to teaching - offering plenty of opportunities to work closely with professors and fellow students in small seminars - ensures that the university does not become a mere 'degree factory' and ranks us in the top 25 in European Teaching Rankings (2019, Times Higher Education).

Nijmegen, a student-friendly city
Nijmegen is a true university city. It is home to 2 universities of Applied Sciences and one research university (Radboud) and counts some 165 000 inhabitant, 30 000 of whom are students. Though it is the oldest city in The Netherlands, dating back to Roman times, Nijmegen has a young and lively atmosphere with a variety of restaurants, bars and cafés. The cultural centre LUX – the largest art house cinema in the Netherlands – also offers theatre, music and multimedia.

Students appreciate the many opportunities that the city offers for relaxation and entertainment. Nijmegen offers many cultural activities, from numerous museums, galleries, theatres, a concert hall and cinemas to events such as the International Four Days Marches with the International Summer Festival, the Limburg Medieval Festival, the Samba and Salsa Festival, Rockin’ Park Festival and much more. Above all, it is a safe and friendly place to live and study.

Support with accommodation and visa application
International students can expect to receive a warm welcome. Radboud University provides support with housing and visa applications for international students who apply before the application deadline.

Tuition and cost of living
The cost of living in Nijmegen is relatively low compared to Amsterdam or other cities in Western Europe. Expect to spend a minimum of €800 per month on living expenses. Furnished student accommodation costs between €360 and €450 including gas, electricity and internet. Count on €400 for food, clothing, personal care and travelling and 30 euros for your phone bill. Books and photocopies cost approximately €200 to €300 per semester.

Tuition fees depend on your nationality and the programme of your choice: € 2,168 per year for EU/EEA-students, between €12,500 and €16,500 per year for non-EEA Master's students. Scholarships are available for students from non-EEA countries.



Houtlaan 4
6525 XZ Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands

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