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FEP is the School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto. The University of Porto is one of the most prestigious Higher Education Institutions in Portugal and Europe and highly ranked worldwide. Within its 14 schools and research units, the University of Porto has 32,000 students – of which around 6,000 are international students - and about 2,500 teachers and researchers. FEP was founded in 1953 and is, since then, a benchmark in education and research in the field of Economics and Management in Portugal, distinguishing itself through its ability to innovate and renew its study programs. That is shown by the diversity and quality of its programs: FEP offers two undergraduate programs (Economics and Management), sixteen MSc programs in all relevant fields of Economics and Management - of which five are taught in English - and two Ph.D. programs (Economics and Management and Business Studies) - also taught in English. FEP has a prestigious faculty comprising 150 faculty members that combine a high academic level with great teaching ability. FEP has several research centers, of which two (CEF.UP and INESC TEC) are ranked respectively as “Very Good” and “Excellent“ by FCT, the Portuguese public scientific research funding institute. For the academic year 2020/21, a total of 3,068 students were registered at FEP. For the academic year 2019/20, 18% of FEP students were international students. FEP students also use the opportunity to study abroad in the more than 100 FEP partner schools spread over 30 countries, in some cases granting them a double degree (e.g., the Master in Management students and Master in Finance students can opt to complete one period of studies at, respectively, Kedge Business School or FEA-USP and University of Kozminski, which will award them a double degree). Further, FEP belongs to QTEM - Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management that gathers outstanding students from 22 top economics schools worldwide. FEP Alumni are placed in top management positions in the most important companies and institutions in Portugal and abroad, across all industries, allowing students privileged access to an extremely large and notorious corporate partner network.

Why study at FEP?

  • U.Porto is a worldwide highly-ranked university
  • Top students
  • Teaching quality and research-oriented faculty
  • FEP belongs to QTEM Master Network that gathers outstanding students from 22 top economics schools worldwide
  • Dual degrees (Bachelor in Business Administration, Master in Management, Master in Finance and Ph.D. in Economics with FEA-USP, Kedge Business School and FEA-USP, Kozminski University and LASER – Lombardy Advanced School of Economic Research, respectively)
  • Knowledge and professional skills
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Academic and professional integration support services
  • Access to numerous internships and recruitment opportunities
  • The notorious and wide alumni network
  • Vibrant student life at the University of Porto: sports, culture, leisure



University of Porto

University of Porto Faculty of Economics and Management,
Praça de Gomes Teixeira

4099-002 Porto, Porto District, Portugal

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