Irkutsk State Linguistic University


The structure of Irkutsk State Linguistic University is that of a traditional Russian University. It has eight faculties some of them divided into departments.

• Faculty of Modern English Language
• Faculty of Foreign Languages and Liberal Arts
• Faculty of Roman Languages
• Faculty of Oriental Languages
• Faculty of Modern German Language
• Faculty of Academic Programmes for Overseas Students
• Faculty of Correspondence and Online Education

The Academic System

There are four levels of available degree programs:

• leading to Bachelor's degree (4 years);

• leading to "Specialist" Diploma (5-6 years);

• leading to Master's degree (2-2,5 years);

• leading to Doctoral degree (normally 3 years, correspondent study - 4 years).

Because of differences in educational systems degrees and diplomas from foreign educational institutions are not always considered equivalent to those earned in Russia. Irkutsk State Linguistic Univerisity considers these differences when placing international students. The applicant's educational background and the educational programme of the institution from which the degree was earned are carefully analyzed. Students are placed at levels most suitable for their educational background.

Nondegree programmes are much more flexible than those leading to a degree. There are several types of nondegree programs offered at Irkutsk State Linguistic University:

• part-time training programs,

• research programs (for those involved in a research),

• summer schools.



Irkutsk State Linguistic University
Ulitsa Lenina 8

664000 Urik, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia

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