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The Faculty of Economics & Administration (FEA) is the first faculty established at King Abdulaziz University (KAU). The establishment of KAU is rooted in a meeting chaired by His Majesty King Faisal Bin Abdulaziz and took place at his summer champ in Tayif on 22 Jamad Alawal 1384H. This meeting has resulted in the establishment of one of the major higher education institutions in the country (i.e. KAU). KAU has started to accept students in its first Faculty (i.e. FEA) on 4 Rajab 1387H; when 68 male, 30 female students, 8 full time 4 part-time faculty members, and 40 other staff started to be the bases for two academic departments, which were the Business Admin and the Economics Departments. Consequently, four more academic departments had been established within FEA to include: Public Administration, Accounting, Political Science and Law Departments. Five more academic departments were established in 2009-2010, including Management Information Systems, Hospitals and Health Services Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management Departments.

Today, FEA is taking the lead amongst competitors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the middle east, reflected by its capacity (over 20000 students, and over 400 faculty members), verities of its academic programs and department (11 BA program, 12 academic and executive Masters), its research centers (R&D center, and Hassan Abbas Sharbatly Digital Library), its modern educational methods (FEA Virtual and Simulations: Stock Market, Court, Accounting Firm, and Media Center), and most importantly, the concentration on complying with the accreditation standards of various well known and reputed international accreditation bodies.

Vision Statement

The Faculty of Economics and Administration (FEA) is determined to reach the leadership position in shaping the education and practice in the fields of management, economics, accounting, law, and political science not only in Saudi Arabia but also in the Middle East.

Mission statement

The Faculty of Economics and Administration (FEA) is a national multi-disciplinary institution that serves full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students and working professionals. FEA is committed to:
· Providing its graduates with knowledge, skills, and values that enable them to actively integrate these attributes into their professional careers.

· Empowering faculty to produce a balanced mix of basic and applied research that would enrich the advancement of knowledge and provide creative solutions to problems that exist in national business and governmental sectors.

· Increasing the contributions of faculty, staff, and students to the enrichment of the common good of civil societies, business firms, and governmental agencies at the local and national levels. This is accomplished by offering various customized research, consultation and faculty and student-led training programs that cater to each group needs.



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