GEA College


GEA College is a modern centre of education and a guide to business excellence.

GEA College has been a synonym for business education with a focus on entrepreneurship and management since its establishment in 1990. Our study programmes are designed to pursue global trends, international standards in the field of education and training, and mostly the demand for knowledge and skills, which employees and entrepreneurs manage on market and the increasing complexity of the business process.


Our mission is to equip entrepreneurs with new entrepreneurial knowledge and skills in the field of business so that they can be one step ahead of their competitors and thus, pursue a successful career in the modern market economies. We research and develop new knowledge, transfer existing knowledge and provide education and training to ambitious people.


GEA College aims to become the best educational institution for education and training of dynamic entrepreneurs in middle and Eastern Europe. In the future, it will become a centre for developing excellent projects in business education and collaborations. Innovative business programmes will be in focus. GEA College must become a prestigious establishment, which is known for its entrepreneurship in every sense. Innovation and business pragmatics are the key system values.

Strategic Values

The goal of GEA College is to become the best establishment in this part of Europe in the following few years.

  • We will develop and introduce an identifiable and prestigious educational programme of entrepreneurship
  • We will establish a system of activities, which will be connected to the development and research areas
  • We will strategically connect with representatives of leading economic activities in the region
  • We will unite internationally recognisable professionals, which will serve as elementary motor for operation and activity development of GEA College
  • We will maintain the system of international organisation and GEA College organisation
  • We will maintain a regional network of strategically connected educational institutions.



Dunajska 156
1000 Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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