Divulgazione Dinamica


Divulgazione Dinamica is an international center for training and educative production. Its goal is to elaborate formative products fitting the needs of the new professionals in the field of social sciences.

Since 2000 the same group of professionals who originally founded the firm still develops interventions in our specialization fields (local development, social mediation, international cooperation, socio-cultural animation, relaxation and free time, education, new fields of employment, social intervention).

Divulgazione Dinamica offers QUALITY ONLINE MASTERS, developed by professionals and technicians selected for their knowledge and experience in every subject.

Moreover, we offer professional titles suited to the contemporary needs of the labor market and offer a personalized service by professionals with broad experience and knowledge of the processes of education and didactic management.

DIvulgazione Dinamica is a member of Asociación Nacional de Centros de E-Learning y Distancia (ANCED - National Distance and E-Learning Association), the only quality enterpreneurial organization of education and teaching, according to the international regulation ISO 9001.

ANCED belongs to:

-ICDE (International Council for Distance Education), recognized by United Nations as an NGO responsible for distance, online and open education and affiliated to United Nations through Unesco.

-EADL (European Association Distance Learning).

-EEOS (Asociación de Usuarios Españoles de Satélites para la Educación); ANCED is a founding member of EEOS.

-CEOE (Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales).

At the moment we are present in Spain, Italy, and Mexico. Our goal is to expand our activity to Portugal and Brazil, not to mention English-speaking countries.

Divulgazione Dinamica offers an online professional education with the following benefits:

  • E-learning mode, which allows more flexibility and autonomous time management for training, with a virtual classroom available 24/7.
  • Permanent tutorial support.
  • Possibility to personalize the study plan according to formative and professional goals of the student.
  • A final diploma and a certificate attesting your professional skills with national and international validity.
  • Flexible prices, according to the student's needs, the payment can be divided into installments without any interest charges.
  • Possibility to continue the training as an internship in a firm.
  • Free professional orientation service.



Avda Blas Infante, 6, 5° C-D
Edificio Urbis

41011 Seville, Andalusia, Spain

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