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Thanks to the partnership between EDAP and the Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia (Spain), we have developed a comprehensive COLLEGE GRADUATE PROGRAM in which experts from different countries.

In designing this program graduate of Catholic University of Murcia it is provided a fully modular structure that allows students to do this well either completely or independently each of the courses or component modules, facilitating so that each student can access the level of training required at all times.

ucamEn the graduate program EDAP-UCAM we offer a multidisciplinary training that combines real-time virtual seminars (maximum availability) where teachers present the contents of the different materials, reinforced with activities on line (maximum flexibility). These webinars allow full interactivity in real time between all participants, anywhere Internet access (PD, smartphones, tablets ..). We offer you all the benefits of classroom training without the inconvenietes of travel and additional costs.

Throughout the period of the course, students have access to an online campus where you can reinforce the knowledge acquired during the webinars at various supplementary materials and doing different exercises and questionnaires proposed by the teachers.



Avda. Teniente Montesinos, 8 Torre A - 4ª Planta
30100 Murcia

30100 Murcia, Region of Murcia, Spain

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