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What is ESODE?

It is the first business school in Europe specializing in live communication and direct that offers continuous training in the integral organization of events, training professionals in the field of live communication in all its aspects. The school has a bag of paid internships in leading companies in Spain, which allow the student to apply the contents learned to the business reality.

Why is ESODE born?

Live communication has become a strategic element in the management of companies and institutions in an environment of increasing competitiveness. Communication in the "face to face", in its different forms, helps organizations to differentiate themselves from the competition and to retain their target audience . A sector that in recent years has experienced a constant evolution, precisely due to the increase in the competitiveness of markets, the mass media advertising and its lack of effectiveness, in addition to the development of new technologies and the emergence of new formats of communication .

The studies of the sector show the decrease that has had the investment in conventional media, especially in advertising. Companies and agencies, in search of greater effectiveness and return on investment, have opted for events in their different modalities (fairs, exhibitions, congresses, promotions, etc.) for their business objectives.

The organization of events has been one of the areas that has presented a more remarkable evolution. Companies and institutions use events to interact with their target audience, build customer loyalty , print added value to their brand and reinforce it, attract the attention of the media, present and launch new products, transmit ideas, transfer messages, create experiences and, in short, make tangible the intangible .

The extraordinary growth of this sector demands new highly qualified professionals. With the aim of addressing those aspects related to business and institutional communication, as well as to the comprehensive organization of events , ESODE has designed its training programs in these disciplines, being today a reference in courses for organizing events .

The school has made an important study when designing the programs of this training plan, in order to offer specialized and continuous adequate training. Eminently practical degrees have been designed, through which we provide our students with the necessary knowledge to face the day to day live communication and marketing of a company, an institution, a sports entity, a production company, a concert or from the perspective of an agency of integral organization of events . For this, we have a team of professors specialized in teaching , as well as active sector professionals who contribute their knowledge and experiences to the students.



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