HTSI School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi


Why should you choose HTSI?

The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi is a university centre of the Ramon Llull University integrated into the Private Xavier Foundation, a foundation established by the Society of Jesus and with representation on the boards of ESADE and IQS. Our commitment is to train graduates for integrity and awareness of their responsibility to contribute to a humanized development of the tourism and hospitality sector, in the context of intercultural dialogue. The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi offers rigorous academic training and clear practical guidance to facilitate the rapid employment of university graduates in the sector:

  • Comprehensive training of the individual, combining academic knowledge with the contribution of ethical values.
  • Prestigious international faculty at the highest level.
  • Teaching methodology based learning management, emphasizing the case studies.
  • Constant contact with professionals in the tourism and hospitality through visits, guest lectures, and conferences.
  • Compulsory and optional internships, so that students may apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom in a real work environment.
  • Development of employability skills in all university programs, to facilitate the employment of students.
  • Internationalization of students, with the possibility of academic and professional exchanges abroad.
  • Personalized service and student support.


The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi is an international university whose mission is to promote teaching, research, and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of leadership and management of hospitality and tourism businesses. It aims to contribute to the scientific, social and human training of professionally competent people aware of their responsibility to cooperate in the development of tourism as humanizing global phenomenon and as specific activity of individuals and societies. The inspiration is the Christian humanism, performed in the context of intercultural dialogue.


The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management - Sant Ignasi is establishing itself to be a university recognized for its intellectual rigour, its critical sense and for academic excellence, and, in the near future, forming a part of the group of universities and training centres related to internationally by the quality and value of its training and the importance of their contribution to knowledge and dialogue in the field of tourism and hospitality, and progress in the commitment to the core values that inspire its mission and identity. HTSI wishes to offer comprehensive training, characterized by a comprehensive approach to the development of people, for excellent professionals and responsible citizens. The learning path must focus on learning and the full potential development offered by the new European Space of Higher Education. In research, HTSI helps to create relevant knowledge professionally and socially, so that it can be applied and spread widely. In a global world, with major economic and social challenges, and in a context of social and religious pluralism, HTSI has consolidated in being an independent space where anyone may express and discuss the major issues affecting tourism in the XXI century. HTSI is linked to the group of alumni and continues growing in its relationship with the business and professional world to foster knowledge training in national and international companies and organizations who wish to improve their knowledge and skills set. HTSI also collaborates to strengthen its links with the network of Jesuit and other prestigious universities and also continues its cooperation with institutions in developing countries. To make this possible, HTSI must be an attractive option for faculty and non-teaching staff, where everyone can develop their academic and professional careers. Similarly, HTSI must be able to mobilize institutions and companies in its sphere of influence to obtain the resources needed for growth and development, especially for study support programs and research projects.



HTSI-Facultad de Turismo y Dirección Hotelera Sant Ignasi
C/ Marqués de Mulhacén 40-42. Campus ESADE. Edificio 2.

08034 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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