Instituto Superior de Negocios Internacionales de Barcelona (ISNIB)


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Empowerment enables people to bring their brains to work and provide them with the opportunity to use their knowledge, experience and motivation to create the expected results. We must create a business climate that releases the knowledge, experience and motivation that reside in people "

Ken Blanchard

Currently, society lives immersed in a constant technological evolution, and more specifically in the elearning sector, allowing to reconcile working life and constant professional growth. From this perspective the Higher Institute of International Business of Barcelona was born, whose objective is to improve people and empower leaders.

At ISNIB Business School we note a significant lack in the development of the individual, since not only academic training allows people to improve in the professional field. That is why we have implemented an own study method, crosslearning, is a new version of online training adapted to the needs of the professional from an integral point of view of the person.

The Higher Institute of International Business of Barcelona is an institution with an international vocation and a benchmark in the online training sector due to our specific and innovative methodology, training leaders through the development of people. Innovation and differentiation are our main values, present in all our programs, whose mission is to develop leadership by generating a symbiosis between the academic-professional-personal sphere. To achieve our objective ISNIB Business School is based on the following essential aspects:

  • Superior training available to everyone.
  • Crosslearning, as an active learning system and comprehensive training adapted to economic reality.
  • Be ISNIB er , as an entrepreneurial, sustainable, innovative spirit, vision of committed leadership and at the service of society.
  • Improving People and Empowering Leaders

Committed to academic excellence, we are specialists in executive education offering masters, postgraduate and higher courses aimed at developing talent and generating new managers.



Av. Diagonal, 534
08006 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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