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We promote dialogue between the Humanities and Health Sciences in all their areas, with the aim of contributing to social and scientific development.

The Instituto de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Salud Gregorio Marañón of the Ortega-Marañón Foundation aims to start up different training programs, consulting, editing, reflection and debate that help shed light on some of the main problems facing today our society.

Based on this integral ambition, we encourage dialogue between the Humanities and Health Sciences in all these areas so that, from a multidisciplinary perspective, we can provide solutions to the issues that are presented to healthcare professionals.

The Instituto de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Salud Gregorio Marañón has as main objectives:

  • Promote an area of ​​applied research where Humanities and Health Sciences dialogue.
  • Develop training programs in the areas of the center, both for professionals and for people interested in promoting their academic careers.
  • Promote consultancy projects and actions on demand, in the areas of our mission.
  • Position the center as a reference for thought, debate and reflection in Spain and Latin America, inspired by the conciliatory and liberal spirit of our holder, strengthening its strategic positioning and generating scientific dissemination actions in the areas that are its own.

From the academic excellence, the Institute contemplates, in its formative offer, different degrees of specialization that are adapted to the needs of academics and professionals.

The international presence of this Institute, which has headquarters and strategic alliances in several Latin American countries, also responds to the understanding that Gregorio Marañón had of the common space in Spanish. Therefore, on-line training has a very prominent presence in our programs, since it favors dialogue on both sides of the Atlantic.

Mission, vision and values/>

The Instituto de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Salud Gregorio Marañón , has the mission to address and deepen some of the main problems facing our society today from a multidisciplinary perspective in which the humanities and health sciences dialogue in a fruitful manner./>

In this sense, the Institute encourages research, the development of training and teaching programs, advice on projects, discussion forums and promotes the development of publications related to professional areas that are limited to its scope of action-The scientific and liberal spirit by Gregorio Marañón inspires the performance of this Institute. A humanist and liberal physician, Marañón, who treated his patients in an all-encompassing way, in relation to the environment in which he developed his daily life, was a doctor committed to the future of his country and the historical context that he had to live. He understood liberalism as a guideline of behavior for which one must "be willing to understand with the one who thinks differently", and "never admit that the end justifies the means, but, on the contrary, are the means that justify the end "(Ensayos Librales, 1947).


The Instituto de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Salud Gregorio Marañón has the collaboration of institutions such as the Royal National Academy of Medicine, the Foundation for the Training of the Collegial Medical Organization, the Official College of Dentists and Stomatologists of Madrid or the Tejerina Foundation, among others/>

Gregorio Marañón and Posadillo/>

Gregorio Marañón y Posadillo (1887-1960), is a polyhedral and nuclear figure in the history of Spain in the 20th century. Medical, humanist and liberal, his rich personality shone with its own light in different fields of knowledge, both in the biomedical sciences and in the humanities. In fact, he is one of the few Spaniards-the only one who was not a politician proper-who belonged to five Royal Academies -Medicine, Spanish, History, Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences and Fine Arts of San Fernando-./>
Gregorio Marañón was an intellectual and a public man committed to his country. Proof of this is the publication of his biography from the trip he made to Las Hurdes with King Alfonso XIII in 1922.



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