MBP School of Coaches: The Master for football coaches in Barcelona


MBP School of Coaches: The master for football coaches in Barcelona. MBP School of Coaches focuses its activity on the education of soccer coaches, worldwide, with programs adapted to each of them and with a unique objective: to optimize your tactical level to it, maximum exponent. The MBP methodology is being used in more than 15 countries, in professional clubs through their coaches who have been trained at our school. Edmilson, ex. FC Barcelona, Amaranto Perea, ex. At. Madrid, Jimmy Lozano currently in Querétaro, Julio César, ex-Real Madrid, Klauss Cámara from Cruzeiro, Pikolín Palacios among many others have studied with the aim of being different from the rest of the coaches. You will be immersed in more than 4 hours a day of soccer, living matches of FC Barcelona, RCD Espanyol and other teams of 1ª and 2ª division of Spain where it’s found all the theoretical contents that has been learned. Study right in front of the Camp Nou and above all, learn from and with other coaches from abroad who contribute their vision of football. In order to have a meaningful learning experience of MBP School of Coaches only allows to certify 12 coaches per program. Personalization and quality are the most important for MBP. We are waiting for you at MBP School, we are waiting for you in Barcelona. "


  • Reduced groups: (Less than 15 students)
  • Total hours: 350h
  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • Location: Barcelona (in front of Camp Nou)

Studying areas:

  • Planning
  • Methodology
  • Emotional and mental training
  • Physical training
  • Game analysis.

Other activities: analysis of games and training sessions of professional teams and grassroots and in field practical sessions.

Academical Curriculum

  • Players and soccer studies
  • Soccer, a team sport
  • Training methodology
  • Sports Coaching
  • Physical conditioning

Other activities

  • Professional live games
  • FC Barcelona
  • RCD Espanyol
  • Other professional teams: FC Barcelona B, RCD Espanyol B, Cornellà, Badalona,...

Grassroots live games

  • FC Barcelona
  • RCD Espanyol
  • Other top academies in Barcelona

Professional training sessions Grassroots training sessions



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08028 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
+34 692 648 999

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