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"The use of new technologies and innovation in learning are the basis of our training"

UADIN - University of Digital Competencies

In UADIN, University for Digital Competences , different training proposals have been developed with which it is intended to train Digital Competencies, a specialized training in the disciplines that prepare students to face the challenges of digital transformation : digital marketing, e-commerce , digital business, technology, and new forms of communication on and off-line, with the client. In each competence area, different Skills have been identified within the digital ecosystem, specific and related competences; and, in addition, three levels of training have been described that draw a general and continuous line regarding the acquisition of the competition: Master, Master Executive and Professional Careers .

UADIN has a university-level training with accreditation in all its programs by the Rey Juan Carlos University and that are carried out under the various forms of our methodology, whatever the degree and aimed at the issuance of a university diploma or certificate.


  • That students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to work in the companies of the Digital Age .
  • That the participants know and incorporate the Digital Culture to their jobs.
  • That the students know and master the new emerging technologies to incorporate them into the business and innovative projects carried out in the company.
  • That the participants develop their digital skills , which will allow them to be more productive and efficient.

With UADIN the student will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to design and carry out his business project within the Digital Economy from a global perspective, he will know the main characteristics of emerging technologies, essential to work in the Digital Age , we will give the keys and tools necessary to start your own online business.

This training is designed in Professionals for those who want to recycle to the world of digital business, entrepreneurs who want to launch their own startup and people who work or are looking for employment and want to become Internet professionals through different online tools.

The new digital environment guides companies and institutions to rethink their strategies and adapt to the new digital environment . Nowadays it is essential to be known and seen on the net. To do this, new tools must be mastered.

We have not adapted to the digital, we were born and raised with the Internet.

  • Create and manage a plan of
  • Search engine optimization of your products / services and optimizes the user experience in both web and mobile versions.
  • Make profitable and effective digital advertising campaigns:
  • Design and manage media planning and know the metrics to evaluate the results.
  • Take advantage of the full potential of social networks through organic and paid content to generate engagement.
  • Develop an omnichannel strategy in the company that includes the launch of an Ecommerce project.

With UADIN you can make your training in digital business a reality, accompanied by the best Internet professionals. Discover and choose between our training programs.

We base our training around four fundamental axes


We incorporate the latest trends and innovations in each area of knowledge.

We are aware that the simple presence of innovative technologies in educational environments does not guarantee innovation. This should be understood as the change produced in the conceptions of teaching and in educational projects; in the way of thinking and putting them into practice.


The new technologies offer great possibilities for product standardization and adaptation to the individual needs of education, as well as being a clear alternative to decentralization in terms of reducing time in response to a greater number of needs.

A new way of building knowledge, favoring collaborative work and self-learning.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Support to the individual, inside and outside organizations, is part of our founding mission. Therefore, all students participate in the advantages of being part of an extensive network of business environment partners.

Companies and organizations constitute the raison d'être of UADIN.

Currently, managers and businessmen are part of its organizing committee. Thus, it is the organizations and, specifically, the people who make them up, the recipients of our mission.

Human team

Our teachers become mentors, guiding and helping the student at all times and becoming a relevant active part of the learning process.

It is about addressing a new challenge to the education system, and it is the passing of a unidirectional training model, where knowledge generally falls on the only teacher or teacher in the classroom, to more open and flexible models, where the Information and experience of many teachers is shared and nurtured among various teachers and students.

A great team, a learning community.

Exchange ideas and experiences through learning

From UADIN to the company

We know how to create and maintain the link of great added value between the business and academic world, to make organizations and companies improve their management policies, be more competitive and, at the same time, socially responsible.

UADIN offers companies and individuals an advanced learning model and effective solutions to their growing training needs, a space for the meeting of managers, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to exchange ideas and experiences through learning.

The success of the UADIN lies in a practical and relevant learning methodology and a growing community of students prepared to face current challenges and lead companies in the future.


TIA Model - Information Transformation in Learning

It is a learning model based on the best and most proven study models.

  1. Professional teaching experts in Open Training.
  2. Elaborated text summaries .
  3. Highlights and underlines.
  4. Mnemonics Rules: keywords and mental images to associate concepts.
  5. Practice with exams of the subject.
  6. Tools for study distribution.
  7. Study sheets: we turn memorization into a more fun process.
  8. Collate studies with resources, webinar, masterclass and complementary study pills .
  9. Learning community.

Student Commitment

In order to receive the corresponding academic diploma and join the Student Placement Department, it is essential that the completion of the program be at least 90% of its duration.

The student, in addition, must pass the exams and cases raised by the faculty as well as obtain a positive assessment of their participation in class at the individual and group level.

Our online courses and masters meet all the requirements, results and recognition parameters that characterize our training programs.

Our cloister is made up of professionals who occupy positions of responsibility in the main companies, thus providing eminently practical training adapted to current business needs.

Learning community

Our powerful online training platform allows the student to organize and distribute their study time according to their needs, habits and tastes. In addition, this methodology allows the elimination of physical or geographical barriers making it possible to receive quality training to all those who, due to location and availability, cannot access it. This virtual environment is provided with educational resources that facilitate the understanding of the content, encourage participation, exchange of ideas and build the necessary group environment to enrich and enjoy learning.

Our methodology allows the student to follow the training from their home or workplace, maintaining permanent contact with the teacher tutor of each module and using the services of the virtual classroom chat, forums, mail, etc. For direct and immediate communication.

Formats Formats

The education system in Spain has undergone many changes in recent years. The arrival of the Bologna Plan and the constant educational reforms in such a short period have been a notable confusion for both students and teachers, who have been forced to adapt to a constantly changing process. On the other hand, the economic crisis and the lack of employment have caused the increase in the offer of studies, immersing ourselves in a tangle of titles and because they have further increased our doubts.

What is the difference between an own master and an official one? And between an own master and an enabling master? What do graduate, expert courses or university specializations have in common?


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