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Kristianstad University was founded in 1977. Today there are about 14,000 students at the campus, situated just 10 minutes from the town centre. On the campus, you have access to inspiring meeting places and a wide range of services within a short walking distance.

Our vision is to be the best university in Sweden in training and educating students for their future careers. Students at Kristianstad University acquire not only the knowledge and skills that are most in demand on the labour market but also those that fulfil the needs and requirements of a modern scientific community.

Our students must be equipped for a professional career in which they apply and renew their knowledge and skills; they must be prepared for change and possess good entrepreneurial skills.

Kristianstad University prides itself on close contact with not only its immediate environment but also between students and staff. Focusing on training and education, it has established an excellent reputation for a range of programmes and courses that satisfy the needs of the local as well as the national labour market. Several of our programmes are unique in Sweden. Our main programmes comprise education, health science and organisational science.

It is the goal of Kristianstad University to conduct research that is closely connected to and develops our programmes and basic courses; it has won acclaim both nationally and internationally for its high quality.

At Kristianstad University, all working relationships are characterised by openness and respect and are based on social, economic and ecological sustainability.

HKR:s Campus

At the University Campus, you can find everything you need within a short walking distance. There is a library, a restaurant, a café, the Student Union, health centre and student dormitories all in one place.

In the middle of the campus, you will find a spacious library with study rooms, computer rooms and open spaces where you can read or relax.

HKR in short

Kristianstad University, in southern Sweden, was founded in 1977, but in this region, we can trace our roots way back for teacher's training (1835), nurses (1893) and engineers (1912).

  • Kristianstad University was founded in 1977
  • Approximately 14,000 students
  • Approximately 500 employees
  • 7 programmes and 100 courses for international students
  • A total of 45 programmes and 450 courses

About Sweden

Sweden is one of the largest countries in Europe, with varied scenery and a varied climate. From north to south you can find extensive forests, numerous lakes and a long coastline. The landscape, as well as the climate, change a lot, from the cold and wild regions of the north to the milder and flatter landscape of the south.

About Kristianstad

Situated in the northeastern part of Skåne, Kristianstad is the main centre of the region. The town combines the modern and the old and is situated in an area of great natural beauty. Kristianstad is also known for its cosy cafés, restaurants and shops.



Högskolan Kristianstad

Elmetorpsvägen 15
SE-291 88 Kristianstad

SE-291 88 Kristianstad, Skåne County, Sweden
+46 44 20 30 00

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