Sprachschule Schneider


Sprachschule Schneider's philosophy

We teach anyone who is interested in learning a language. We promote communication between people with different mother tongues and attach importance to the cultural and social aspects of language.


Our teaching methods are based on the following points: small groups of 3 to 6 participants lively lessons, enabling plenty of opportunity to speak individual and flexible course forms encouraging pleasure in learning Mini-groups Participants experience motivating lessons and a comfortable atmosphere and are encouraged to actively take part in class. You will have plenty of opportunity to speak and will lose any initial inhibitions quickly.


Our teachers are excellently qualified in both linguistics and didactics. Lessons are planned according to the participants' learning objectives and take into account any individual wishes relating to the course structure.


In order that all participants complete their course successfully, we always encourage pleasure in learning during the lessons. Reaching your goal is made easier and the motivation to truly discover the language is guaranteed!



Renggerstrasse nr. 3
CH-8038 Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland

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